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elZorro, your not only flogging a dead horse,but your flogging an old pile of bones that only archaeologists could put back together to know that it was once a horse. And the tax lose can only apply if enough of the founding people that substained the lose in the first place. See an accountant on that one.

Now somewhere i see you are very careful on NTL prospects to put it mildly. I would like to hear your thoughts on that company.
Digger, I wasn't sure of the tax rules for a public company, what you say is true for a private company, certainly.

I am being careful about what I say on NTL, because I haven't researched it well, and want to stay neutral about it at this stage. I did have some shares in it, but sold them a few months ago. Someone else who seemed to know a fair bit about the area, reckoned that all up, the amount of gold left in New Talisman is not a great deal compared to Martha mine and surrounds. Not the amount they are going for, anyway. I was hoping there were not too many parallels with GEL: moving from talking about mining, to actually doing it, and losing a heap of money in the process. But if they take it steady, there shouldn't be too much risk. They'll know if the ore coming out of the hillside is grading 1/2 oz/tonne or more, there should be plenty of cashflow.