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  1. Tax on Capital Gains: Trading vs Buy-and-hold
  2. What to do??
  3. Intro & a few questions
  4. National Bank and Stop losses
  5. Who pushes the share price up/down.
  6. FIF Quick Sale Rule
  7. Where do I begin?
  8. Newby
  9. What's is a good return?
  10. Trading Platforms
  11. A newbie question.
  12. Getting Into a DRP
  13. ASB and t+3
  14. Mentor wanted
  15. Question about trading ASX shares
  16. Help with company setup!
  17. Darryl Guppy
  18. MACD and Stochastic on DB site ?
  19. searching
  20. Buying on the close for ASX
  21. Shares sold NOT registered in time for dividend to Purchaser
  22. Super chart 1 and 3 months period.
  23. Super chart 1 and 3 months period.
  24. NZ Dividend
  25. Withholding tax on dividends
  26. posting?
  27. Depth on DB site
  28. End Of Day Data for NZX
  29. Realising a (large) loss
  30. Direct Broking question
  31. PPL Chart
  32. Money Flow vs OBV
  33. Newbie Question
  34. Loan/s against shares by brokers
  35. Software Setup for Trading and Monitoring Investments
  36. Rise in 10-year Government Bonds - Questions
  37. US Dollar - why up?
  38. Noob advice
  39. Shareholder Balance Enquiry
  40. Becoming a fundy. Energy and resource valuation books?
  41. Shorting on the ASX
  42. TA help required, did I make mistake or just unlucky?
  43. Measuring Fibonacci Retracements
  44. Aust Findata eqiuvalent
  45. Charts
  46. My place in the Queue when selling
  47. Tax Question
  48. Searching for good stocks
  49. Queues @ beginning of trading day
  50. How to start with Share Trading?
  51. Thoughts on Margin Lending
  52. Stop losses ...ASX
  53. Twiggs Money Flow
  54. newbie question, regarding the softwares and others basics
  55. What is your share selection criteria?
  56. Fastest way to send money for ASX-listed capital raisings
  57. Charting software for nzx
  58. After the fin number is lost.
  59. Nzdx
  60. How to reduce your capital when you don't want to..
  61. Charting - Trendlines and trading halts
  62. Need some advice please....
  63. BOTs?
  64. Hedging a long-term portfolio and tax
  65. Tax deductibility of bokerage?
  66. Price Volume Indicators
  67. Starting out - tax nonsense
  68. Starting out 2 - Technical Analysis
  69. TA and FA books
  70. Help with triangles
  71. Where to from here (Career advice - a *little* off topic)
  72. Depth question - what's up with this?
  73. Legal action against broking service? Lol.
  74. has anyone uses those charting softwares?
  75. is there something wrong with IC or my operation?
  76. NZ Proprietary trading firms
  77. Making the jump to Forex
  78. feeling my way
  79. NZX Diploma
  80. Number one lesson learnt in trading
  81. Limit Order during trading halt
  82. Forex start-up
  83. Training and Education DVD and Video Seminar
  84. Advise on selling warrants
  85. Hi from Mel!
  86. Cheapest brokers?
  87. NZ Data as part of Reuters Datalink package?
  88. Charting software for Mac
  89. Is the worst over or is it still to come
  90. Pro Trader
  91. Questions for essay
  92. Restructuring a Portfolio
  93. Hey Guys.............
  94. Stocks/Gold Ratio
  95. Valuing Companies Sanford
  96. Loans
  97. Incredible Charts
  98. Want to learn basics of Fundamental Analysis
  99. Three trading books for sale - ideal for newbies
  100. Where can I trade oil (commodity)?
  101. Full time traders
  102. How to select shares...
  103. Bid / Depth Limits When Buying
  104. Record keeping for share traders
  105. Deductability of losses on bonds
  106. Phil
  107. Just started out share trading...
  108. How does momentum work?
  109. Buying Shares in America
  110. International Brokers
  111. Takeover bids
  112. What can one do when the company goes bust?
  113. Investing for grandchildren
  114. Buying NZ top 50 and All Ords
  115. Hello ShareTrader ... any ideas on how to get the most out of this forum??
  116. ASX Resource Explorers
  117. NZ Shareholder Association Inc are you a member?
  118. Silver Bullion Question
  119. london stock exchange
  120. Averaging down
  121. NZ Post Office Bonds
  122. silver bullion, which mint
  123. Changing Address
  124. What is the best share trading platform to use in NZ?
  125. Market Timing (Value Investing) vs Dollar Cost Averaging
  126. Best Financial Vehicle to Avoid Tainting
  127. Investing with debt - Opinions please!
  128. how to raise capital for student investors?
  129. Creating a 300+ stock watchlist & Importing into Incredible Charts
  130. Chess vs Issuer Sponsored
  131. Opening an Australian Bank account
  132. Irr help!!!!!!
  133. Dividens
  134. McEwen Investment Report
  135. caculating foreign exchange gain tax
  136. Best online broker for NZX and ASX? and do they give you research?
  137. Margin Lending with regards to taxation
  138. Portfillio size? Whats normal for a personal self managed porfillio?
  139. Service or software availability?
  140. FIN security
  141. Technical Analysis Book Recomendations
  142. Seller depth
  143. Stock Clubs/Groups
  144. Aussie indexed shares and ETFs
  145. NZX.com Market pricing files
  146. Aussie Dividends for NZ Investors
  147. automated systems developers
  148. KiwiSaver shares
  149. Better off to rent than to buy property?
  150. Complete Newbie with a number of questions
  151. Dividend Valuation Models
  152. Help identifying what kind of trader/investor one is and some other ?'s
  153. When people say they are staying out of the market or on the sideline does it mean...
  154. Question about Fundamental Analysis
  155. And the newbie has more questions
  156. Starting out thread, hints, tips... anything really
  157. transfering shares to another name
  158. wanting tracking software and financial advisors
  159. TA books for sale
  160. Moving averages
  161. PE Ratios on different websites
  162. What would you do with $1200 a fortnight to invest?
  163. Newbie portfolio
  164. How does the order queue work
  165. IG Markets learning curve
  166. Question about the Intelligent Investor book
  167. How long did you paper trade before jumping into the big world of real life trading?
  168. Low Fee Investments
  169. Advice for a market débutant
  170. intro plus bond:share ratio for a young newbie
  171. Small Business Cash Flow & Accounts Payable
  172. Coupleof questions about Bull and Bear markets
  173. Anyone read Shorten the odds : how to select good New Zealand shares / Nigel McCarter
  174. My financial goal, an assesment and some questions..
  175. tax
  176. Growth Company Share buyback
  177. Local vs overseas broker - insights and implications?
  178. Foreign company dividends / currency exchange
  179. Buying and selling ASX shares - tax complications
  180. Historical Data
  181. Dividend Payment Dates
  182. Stockbroker or hourly rate service?
  183. Question about influencing share prices
  184. Adjusted charts
  185. Hello from Huskeez!
  186. Can someone spot the flaw in this?
  187. Earnings Reports
  188. ASX broker
  189. Exponential Charts
  190. Thread About Tax on gains
  191. Greetings
  192. Books on analysing annual reports
  193. Hello!
  194. Hello from Marketwinner
  195. Share sale settlement time?
  196. How to Monitor Captial Gains/Losses Over Time
  197. Rabo Captial Securities
  198. Hello and questions re Vanguard Indexed ETFs on ASX?
  199. Each dollar of retained earnings is translated into at least one dollar of market
  200. "Sorted" Investment Planner
  201. Hello World
  202. Forecasting Growth
  203. Another newbie on the block
  204. Earthquake - NZX Closed for now
  205. Getting into Investing
  206. What's the largest trading turnover you've seen on NZX?
  207. Working out the value of a company
  208. Currency hedging with overseas investments?
  209. Passive / low cost, bond / fixed interest funds
  210. day opening price
  211. Cross Listings
  212. Buying Aussie companies on NZX
  213. Company shareprice - why does a company care?
  214. Time for an update - investing overseas from NZ
  215. Newbie - possibly a silly question
  216. After selling shares on asb, is the money made instantly available?
  217. Getting a Commsec account
  218. ASB Account
  219. Introduction - Young Newish Trader
  220. Hello from a newbie - some questions also
  221. A recycled newbie.
  222. A follow up from my newbie thread - 12 year goal
  223. Newbie checkin' in
  224. Provisional tax
  225. New to Share Trader
  226. blast from the past ...
  227. Structuring a portfolio??
  228. What level of financial literacy should one have before entering the share world ?
  229. When'd doing your 'homework' how long does it take ?
  230. My Investment Journey- Since the Beginning
  231. Absolute beginner
  232. Young fullah on board
  233. Newbie Introduction and question about broker options
  234. Depth tables
  235. Hello to all
  236. Last Trades of the Week to Plunge Price?
  237. NZX percentage change
  238. Ayone know of any possible IPOs for 2014?
  239. Bpay and international funds transfer
  240. DCF Analysis
  241. Newbie and some questions
  242. Hi, New to the Forum
  243. A noob's plan + some questions.
  244. Tax advice
  245. Beginner.
  246. Supplementary dividends for non-residents
  247. Share Consolidation Question From A Rookie
  248. EPS Growth Data
  249. How Do I: invest in overseas index fund
  250. Australian shares and CGT