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  1. Capital Gains Tax
  2. Interesting to see how the Maori vote goes this time
  3. Which party is willing to set New Zealanders free?
  4. Labour Party "Spreadsheet" (Budget Forecast)
  5. How to elect MPs you can trust
  6. If National wins ...
  7. Nobody worth voting for
  8. market affected by election results?
  9. Christchurch City Council Election 2013
  10. The Rise of the Conservative empire
  11. Must be time for the Elections 2014 forum
  12. If Labour wins.....?
  13. Is it WONG to make a joke
  14. The Loony Lefties Dirty Tricks Page, you know just for the record!!!
  15. iPredict - just a National Party or rightwing propaganda tool?
  16. If the Greens win ....
  17. Is National using Crosby-Textor in this campaign?
  18. Party Vote Poll
  19. labour leader elections 2014 v1
  20. When National wins again.
  21. Who is your preferred P.M?
  22. The Opportunities Party
  23. National Cabinet Reshiuffle
  24. The Opportunities party
  25. What do we think of Jacinda
  26. Jacindas Key Policies (In first 72 hours)
  27. Will Metiria Turei illegal acts affect the Greens
  28. Bill English: King of the Texters
  29. Labour to Tax Water
  30. Is a labour / nz first goverment now on the cards.
  31. Leaders Debate
  32. National Screws the Oldies
  33. How do our local candidates stack up.
  34. Peter Dunne - gone
  35. Abe Gray - another leader gone
  36. ACT's David Seymour - i like his style.
  37. Labours train set back in play
  38. Christchurch arena
  39. National: Still believes in Taxation without representation
  40. Education the future
  41. Child Poverty
  42. Labour - first hundred days.
  43. National - FFS!
  44. Election odds
  45. Stuff Poll - what party are you going to vote for.
  46. Labours Lies About Personal Tax
  47. Wheres Winston?
  48. What Govt will we wake up to and when.
  49. polls wrong, media coverage disappointing
  50. MMP time is up, what a farce!
  51. The Idea of a National/Green govt
  52. Apology to Mods and Offended Posters
  53. Pick your coalition
  54. Improving MMP
  55. Labour / NZ First Government
  56. NZD drops
  57. Is the honeymoon over for Labour ?
  58. Another Sad Day For New Zealand
  59. Shame on Dairy NZ
  60. Radio Live a GoneBurger
  61. Was this the start of a US Presidential campaign
  62. Budget 2020