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07-01-2016, 07:08 PM
Happy New Year

If you're interested in becoming a Moderator flick me a PM.


10-01-2016, 02:34 PM
Vince, thanks for letting me back onto the ST site as promised. I see that in the meantime, an entire important thread about how some non-abusive, factual posts have been edited by moderators or admin without any notice or warning, has disappeared also. So I think its a good thing that you are calling for more moderators, but one of the rules should surely be about how those powers are to be used.

For instance, a moderator or admin person with a political point of view, or a stance on a particular share, should not be able to remove parts of someone else's post just because they don't want to see it on the site. If it was abusive, factually incorrect or slandered someone, maybe. And even then a reason should be given. But to remove the post, or parts of the post sometime after it has been written, with no explanation, speaks of a censorship with some end goal in mind. There could even be a rule that if the post has stayed up for a week, it gets to stay there forever, unless the poster wants it gone.

It's possible there is a bug with the site software causing these issues, if so can that be explained to us? Otherwise, what is the site's policy about contentious but factual posts, as far as moderation goes?