View Full Version : Shame on Dairy NZ

17-08-2018, 07:53 AM
Under Labour we are seeing the erosion of our civil liberties.

Quite clearly free speech is severely under threat. You have Ex Labour Phil Goff and his advisors deciding who can and cant speak in our county's largest city public facilities. Then we have the VC of Massey locking out Brash and not a word of descent from her boss, her board, Minister of Tertiary education or the Prime Minister - their silence tells the tale.

We have the Employment Bill that is going to give unions free right of access to an employers premises. No invite, no warning, no cause required. I could be running the world's biggest pedo and drug ring at home and the Police have to have a warrant before they visit me. Does the same apply to unions - obviously not.

And now we have govt passing under urgency the right of (useless) MPI inspectors to enter and search farms without a warrant. And Dairy NZ support this - shame on them. They should be supporting their industry by saying - "come to my farm - but have just cause".

We are well past the thin end of the wedge now. And Labour are only a year in.