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19-01-2009, 05:43 PM
ACTC Advanced Cell Technology
There has been a ban on Stem Cell funding in the USA for the last 8 years. Obama has said that he will lift the ban. Some of the stem cell companies in the states are sleeping giants waiting for Bush's ban to be reversed. This can be done the stroke of a pen or through legislation. ACTC is a pk (pink sheet) sheet company just waiting for that ban to be lifted. When that happens their stock price will move dramatically up. Activity over this stock is growing. Don't listen to me just look at "YAHOO FINANCE" symbol ACTC.

We have some of the most valuable stem cell technology:

1) We license technology to Start a JV with Geron. They in turn use our technology as well as license to GTC Biotheraputics.

This was in the news today:
FDA Mulls OK for Blood Thinner From Genetically Engineered Goats

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is moving closer to approvalfor an anti-clotting drug made from the milk of genetically engineeredgoats, the Associated Press reported Wednesday.

2) We license technology to Embryome Science a divison of Btim. Read this article on page 6 it basically says the IPS technology they use from Actc may be the best of all IPS technology in that it doesn't carry viral vector or added genes. Making it the preferred IPS technology.


3) Did you know that the original patents covering animal cloning known as the Roslin patents(ie Dolly the sheep) are owned by Actc. Geron has the patent rights to animal cloning but Actc has the human patent rights.


4) Parthenogenesis. This technology owned by Actc is licensed to Isco.

International Stem Cell Corporation (ISCO.OB)is a California company that has developed breakthrough human stem celllines that promise to eliminate the rejection of transplanted cells bythe patientís immune system. ISCOís technology, Parthenogenesis,results in the creation of pluripotent human stem cell lines fromunfertilized human eggs without the transfer of foreign DNA. This methodology offers the potential to create the first true ďStem CellBankĒ and also addresses critical ethical issues by eliminating theneed to use fertilized embryos. ISCO also produces and sellsspecialized cells and growth media worldwide for therapeutic research.

4) Hemangioblasts. The technology to create endless supply of blood. This is what we have a new JV on


5) RPE Advanced Cell Technology is currently focused on using its proprietary technologies to generate stable cell lines including retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cells for the treatment of diseases of the eye, including macular degeneration, which represents a $28 billion dollar market. Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) affects more than 30 million people worldwide and is the leading cause of blindness in people over 60 years of age in the United States.

6) HG ACTís HG program is in preclinical development investigating the possibility of using the cells to treat cardiovascular disease, stroke, and cancer.

7)Myoblast The myoblast stem cell therapy involves transplantation of expanded autologous myoblasts (adult progenitor stem cells) derived from a small biopsy of skeletal muscle from a patientís leg.

Overall strength of Actc's technology


We have most of the stem cell market covered. We have the ability to produce 140 cell types and we have many different product lines. We have 400 patents/applications.

This was below $3.00 because of the lack of funding and stem cell ban. Now that these 2 issues are behind us its clear sailing.

Read up on the technology. We were there before anyone else and thanks to West and Lanza received the patents. We will be the most valuable player in the sector.

Why do you think they never sold or allowed a buyout. Why did they almost go bankrupt but hung on.

Read up on Lanza and the company we own the science!!!!

Sentiment : Strong Buy :)

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