View Full Version : When to jump onto the Facebook bandwagon?

14-06-2012, 08:16 PM
Hi guys, I am very interested in buying some Facebook shares. Haven't thought too seriously about it for a while as they were obviously over-valued.
The reason I won't some is I have a hunch they may become the next google and see their share price sky-rocket. I know the criticism: lack of revenue channels, poor management and what not; but I cannot think of how they will not expand they're revenue streams and start earning like a share-market topper. The reason being their enormously huge customer base. To me this is priceless and as soon as they find a way to provide customers with some real value (and I am sure they will), they will be able to start milking the cash cow. Facebook could have all sorts of uses in security, retail etc... (the semantics aren't important- with so many users of FB someone will figure it out)

So before I put a bet on my hunch here is my question...
- when would be the best time to buy? Has facebook reached its correct value yet? And also with the whole euro crisis would now be a good time to stay away for a while?