View Full Version : Greedy govt killing the country

duncan macgregor
30-01-2013, 01:54 PM
The exporting factories are almost non existant with the end result being the younger generation are fleeing the country in droves. The solution to fix all this is quite simple really. Free the exporting sector of crippling taxes that make this sector non viable. I cant buy timber cheaper to make garden furniture cheaper than the finished import finished product. The price of fuel is taxed at nearly 80%. This country should have an advantage with cheap electricity for starters. If need be raise the GST tax to cover tax incentives to the exporting producers who in turn will create jobs with more tax paying staff. Do nothing as is happening then watch the economy go down the gurgler. This is not a subsidy only offering cheaper costs to manufacturers who in turn will create more benefit to the country than whats received. Macdunk