View Full Version : OCFHA - Origin Perpetual Bonds

11-07-2013, 08:44 AM
Hi does anyone have any information on these?

I have them in my spread sheet as yielding 1yr BBSW +1.5%, annual reset. Trading at 69.50 that equates to a running yield of 6.26%. Rated BB+ with a div stopper on the head shares.

Redemption allowed at face value $100.

Looks pretty good - looking to diversify away from just holding IFTHA. Any others people like - FCGHA and ASBPB look likely candidates.

Anything I should know to rule any of these out before I start reading prospectuses? Any early redemption clauses particularly? Which do you fellas like? I am clued up so no need to explain how they work or interest rate risk to me.