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  1. Dear Winner69,
    I just posted. Your replies are valued by me. Wish I could visit NZ but apparently there is no room at the inn.
  2. Yes, good interesting stuff on LL Bean
  3. Exceeded 1000 limit. Here's the restI look fondly on my time there and IBM always did right by them.
    By the way, where are you located? NZ? I'm in Sanford, ME, US. Foreign is difficult and I am looking for a helpful contact for advice & willing to help with NYSE investing. I (unfortunately expect more USD strength). Hope to conect. Dick Proulx (Bluedog)
  4. I'm not posting this ; but just responding to your question. LL Bean, a legendary co. in Maine (and in the United States), was my exclusive customer as an IBM rep from 1982-1993 when I retired. Unfortunately they are not a publicly traded co. They are the outdoor gear pioneers vender, founded in 1912. See They gained fame for being open 24 hrs a day, every day. I'm 75 yrs old & my father took me there when I was 12 on our way North on a hunting trip (my first & last). Little that I know that I would become a part of success. When I was there, Leon Gorman, LL's grandson was president. The company was completely family onwed and that still true. I was there when they crossed the 1B mark in sales. We were handling 10, 000 calls per hour. I have dozens of hilarious anecdotes gleaned from my time there.
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