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  1. No, ive been out of the market for over a year now, due to personal circumstances - but im still posting about the companies i follow.

    I already find new companies when the ones i follow have a run, you might wanna look at MLM & DGR very unvalued & ive got threads on them
  2. your've missed out on some good silver stock gains lately hope your've done well elsewhere
  3. I'm not in the market at the moment but i'm following ARD & AYN in the silver ranks + PEM
  4. Hey shasta when you going get on board ARD has to be the most under valued Silver micro play on the ASX
  5. That does sound expensive, what are your records like, do you have all documentation for the buy/sell contracts?
  6. hey shasta your an accountant is $2200 for doing my sharetrading books way to expensive? it was only 1400 lastyear which I thought was expensive
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