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I have never been able to calculate an arrears value equal to what Harmoney show in the dashboard summary

Often there are individual loans flagged as being in arrears but have had recent payments and, conversely, individual loans that have not had a payment for well over a month that are not flagged as being in arrears.

My individual loan arrears sum is currently $445.75, the summary dashboard value is $518.67.

The details in the 'frontend' have always been wrong and as far as I can tell are still wrong.
The backend is confusing!

Date Status Time in arrears (days)
LAI-00133312 05/07/2018 Current 1-30
LAI-00133312 05/07/2018 Current 1-30
LAI-00140705 08/10/2018 Current 1-30
LAI-00144720 05/11/2018 Current 1-30
LAI-00145319 06/11/2018 Current 1-30
LAI-00145327 06/11/2018 Current 1-30
LAI-00146060 09/11/2018 Current 1-30
LAI-00151261 07/01/2019 Current 1-30
LAI-00151261 07/01/2019 Current 1-30
LAI-00151536 08/01/2019 Current 1-30
LAI-00154121 05/02/2019 Current 1-30

However despite whatever HM is mucking up in the front-end, the back-end data has been consistent over the past week.

Loan availability was a little better over the last month. Hopefully that continues once they've sorted their general error's they've been experiencing have been fixed.