Simple, I have around $130K invested in Harmoney at the moment (details outlined if you go back through this thread).

You have to keep on top of it to keep that amount invested, however there are just enough loans that meet my fairly strict parameters to stay invested. Note that I'm investing around $200 per loan (not the best option if you are investing only a small amount since you want good diversification - however for $100K, IMO, there is no problem with this amount).

My RAR is slowly climbing due to better investment choices, now at just over 16%. My calculated return (XIRR) is currently 14.7% after tax (minimum tax rate of 10.5% though), a little better after claiming deductions.

To get this sort of return you need to be investing in C's, D's and E's. From my loans, D's and lower E's are by far the best performers (interest vs defaults), but that is dependant on loan selection and potential risk with these loans.

Harmony's current adverts (TV) are again stating P2P lending, which in my opinion is what Harmoney loans are. I don't believe they are getting out of P2P lending, they are making good money out of it, however, this type of lending/investing is now available on a number of platforms, so has become harder to attract the volume of loans that were experienced in the past. Harmoney themselves have diversified into Australia and other forms of lending so perhaps are a little less focused on this platform, but I personally don't see them getting out any time soon.

IMO, Harmony offers the best platform for usability, details on loans, details on investment etc.

If you want an invest and forget type experience you could try Zagga, but returns are significantly lower.