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Thread: ATC- Altech HPA

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    Quote Originally Posted by silu View Post
    Has anyone read through Collerina Cobalt's (CLL) announcement from yesterday?

    Apparently they can make 4N HPA 99.99% purity from available industrial products but compared to ATC they are still way behind. The plan to produce 1kg of it by September for marketing samples and a modified PFS by October.

    Anyone worried? I trust the Germans would have done extensive due diligence on alternate productions of HPA too and decided that being first counts for more than being best.

    In the meantime ATC is in the early stages of construction.
    Not quite clear to me what their benchmark is (better than what?) - probably their first quite inefficient and expensive process.

    Nothing in this announcement I could see which compares to ATC's (patented) process - and their reference to the benefit of not mining ... mining is for ATC not a risk, but an asset. Remember - they own a fully licenced open pit mine with several hundred years worth of feedstock which they just need to pick up.

    On what basis do you think CLL might be "best"? They are ways behind ATC and I don't see any data stating that their process might be better or cheaper than the ATC process. As well - even if they would compare what they think about their process with the ATC process, they clearly would not know yet how well their process works, given that they have not even produced their first kg. But still good to see some others working in this area, ATC alone could never supply 100% of the forecasted HPA demand ...
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    Yes my comment about "being best" was not in direct correlation to CLL but more a general comment that even if CLL's process were better it might not be preferred by financiers and the market. Way too many questions surround Collerina imo. Didn't even notice that their CR was at a 26.6% discount. DAMN!

    ATC on the other hand has ticked off so many boxes already and have lined up all their little ducks that I will try go get as many shares as I can afford in the SPP


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