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    Default Tales from the crypt

    crypto launching from a low of around 250 billion capped a few weeks ago to now sit at 390 billion absolutely bashing the sharetrader nana patrol and delivering a near brutal bashing of knockout proportions...

    posters like black peter, and minimoke, and blackcap, fungus pudding, tga trader, dobby, jbmurc, upside umop, investor are all recent posters heavily against crypto... upside umop even went as far to short bitcoin in a picking competition...
    these posters could be great stock market specialists but when it comes to crypto they talk a big game, and back it up with absolutely didley squat.....

    none of these guys could tell you about ripple... or that Monero is the number one privacy coin on the market... they could not tell you anything about Verge, or NEO, or Dash, or tron or any of the other 1600 coins...
    they couldnt tell you about any of the exchanges or even how to use them...
    yet they have such strong beliefs about crypto??

    crypto is your future you just don't know it yet....
    everything you do will involve crypto...

    Cryptocurrency holdings in utrust cardano and power vertical....LOCI ...tron... dotcoin.......swissborg... rentberry ico...

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    Default Whats bitcoin really worth ????

    Answering this question isn’t easy: Buying Bitcoin won’t net you any cash flows, or any ownership of the blockchain technology underpinning it, or really anything much at all beyond the ability to spend or save it. Maybe that’s why Warren Buffett once said the idea that Bitcoin had “huge intrinsic value” was a “joke”—there’s no earnings potential that can be used to estimate its value. But with $2 billion pumped into cryptocurrency hedge funds last year, there’s a lot of money betting the punchline is something other than zero. If Bitcoin is a currency, and currencies have value, surely some kind of stab—even in the dark—should be made at gauging its worth.
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    Sell the hype, buy the fear. Always second guess the sentiment but trust in the fundamentals

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    How did they become popular worldwide suddenly? Can traders make money from them? Are they very risky?

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