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    Amazon has 500 million shares outstanding at an $1100 price, while it was at $40, 10 years ago (yup thats a $500 BILLION increase in marketcap), yet they never pay any dividends and haven't even made 10 billion of profit in that period, think about that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatboyj View Post
    Tether got hacked to the tune of 30m by the NK super special hacker team. 10bn market cap wiped off in minutes.
    Great place this crypto world eh!
    look buddy we are going to lose soldiers along the way .... man I can even just discuss the hot tips with you... keep focused man and focus on the big coins that are going to make us all you got for us... tips tips... ......
    they asked me how I did it... how I found power geeze it was a news advert on my faceboon page....but I got another 2 real good tips eah..... and im definately investing... the first one is called crypto20... its raising in an ico and those raised funds all go into investing in the top 20 coins... it gets rebalanced as it changes and the best thing the fees are super low because its run by blockchain technology and no high management fees...
    I believe there are no new issued tokens so the limites supply is the ico placement total.. dont quote me there...
    if this exact same fund ran from one year ago to today you would have turned $100 investment into $3000...
    so this fund will be a huge hit... its the first of its kind...
    there is a video I can link it... ico closes in 9 days...
    im just placing a small $1000-1500 theres a few good ones coming up


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