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Thread: BeeBop does UK

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    Beebop has mostly been sitting on fingers. I use the phrase ‘mostly’ as I did take the opportunity to realise a significant loss in one of my UK retail stocks (Bonmarche) and it has been unpleasant knowing that my historical performance has halved due to a 60% loss in this investment. However, there are better recover opportunities available and I shall avoid being married to my performance charts when long-term choices are better.

    Overall, I remain in the same position I was in in early January - my holdings appear stable - flat to a slight upwards trend thanks to Trifast and Empresseria.

    And yes, I did get have to “prove” to Internaxx that I did understand that prices can rise AND fall so that I could trade ‘complex’ instruments...he he he...thanks for the warning fellow gulfer.

    At this point I still have no new cash to inject into the GBP pool (USD to GBP is swinging a bit so am leaving non-schooling cash as USD as I am hoping the USD will strengthen a tad) - however, I splashed a little on high end on ultra-lightweight camping gear for a spot of wild camping in the warmer UK weather for future holidays (preferable to hotels and cruises) a few ultra-long haul flights (as it is far far cheaper to fly return from the UK to NZ than the Middle East).
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