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    Default Like Button On Posts

    I would like to give out thanks for posts that I think are helpful but also don't want to clog up threads with useless "thank you" posts that don't actually add anything. Is it possible to have a like button for posts that we can use to show appreciation?

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    In the bottom left hand corner of any post is a star icon - press that.
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    I don't usually bother but have been trying to give postive reputation now and again.

    This mornings example to Oliver Mander's link to the NZSAs article on property investment but the site always comes up with "I need to share reputations more widely" or something to that effect.

    Whats up, I don't do it often so wonder why this is happening. If I need to give some bad rep to even things up I could give some to Crypto Crude for suggesting anyone believing in evolution is a scum bag.


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