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Thread: National - FFS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshuatree View Post
    It does look like JLR and his guns for hire have outplayed bridgey to nowhere atp.
    All JLR's tapes show is that being in the care of processionals is his best option

    Quote Originally Posted by Joshuatree View Post
    What next, more deaths by a thousand cuts recordings released i guess.
    if you mean death from boredom then you are probably on the mark. Lets face it. He's shot his load. The only thing he has to look forward to now is wondering when he is going to get bumped off the waka.
    Quote Originally Posted by Joshuatree View Post
    Curious what rat tastes like MM, pork/human?
    I cant tell you if it tastes human. Maybe your forebears left a record of their experiences that you can refer to.

    Its not got any Bat Sh1T Crazy flavour, nor any Dirty Dog smell. Closest I can think of is Chicken

    (Adern will be desperately hoping JLR has something - she desperately needs the spotlight of attention shifted off her inept Ministers. Hipkins not looking too hot now with his tanty over the teachers strike))

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    No she won't, storm in a teacup.As for bridgey lets see what diversion attempt is next and what the next poll says.


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