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    Unhappy The recurring nightmare

    I find the way the Australian registries work rather frustrating in that they all seem to default to the cheque option (& send everything by post) when you first acquire shares in a company.

    So about a week after buying shares I log on to the registry and fight my way round the user interface to manually enter my Oz bank account details, etc for this new company.

    One I missed way back in 2011 when I left Australia for Malaysia resulted in me receiving a AU$ dividend cheque which it was not worth me trying to cash. The registry would not accept delayed direct payment information insisting that it had to be a cheque.

    So every six months or so an alert appears at each and every log-in. Eventually to get rid of the annoyance I press the resend button but what happens next I do not know because I neither see the money in an account nor a cheque in the post, but I have bought another six months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by couta1 View Post
    It becomes complicated when they have your holder number and bank account details(Confirmed) and the dividend still doesn't get swept into your account on the day they say it will, after already waiting over 2 weeks. Other than just keep ringing them(Aussie Registry)there is not much I can do to fix their broken broom.
    Have you tried logging in to your "login" on the registry site? If your problems with the registry persist, I would suggest calling the company Telstra itself. You are after all the owner of TLS and therefore can tell them what they need to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 100101 View Post
    Can anyone confirm if, with TLS bought on the NZ Market, any imputation credits can or cant be claimed?
    The market on which you buy shares is irrelevant as to whether you can claim NZ imputation credits or not. If TLS paid out NZ imputation credits then, as an NZ taxpayer, you could claim them no matter where you bought your TLS shares. However, TLS only pay out Australian franking credits. So you can't claim any NZ imputation credits, because they don't exist.


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    Australian companies that pay dividends that accrue NZ imputation credits usually state the amount of the imputation that NZ residents can claim on the dividend notice. The Australian franking credits are for Australian residents.

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    Finally, I have just received my TLS divvy in my bank account after a marathon battle, phew pleased I won't be going through that again in a hurry as I no longer hold any Aussie shares.


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