That's actually a reasonable good and sensible list, but what would you do if you were the PM/government to achieve them? How would you provide/ensure the quality education, affordable housing and jobs? You can't just magic them up from nowhere.

The parental responsibility thing however is something you are making a judgement about. People in poverty are not all irresponsible parents. As I said in my previous post, some of those parents are working multiple jobs trying to support their families. Not all of them have large numbers of children. Are you proposing that we restrict the number of children we can have? China tried that. Do you really want us to go down that track?

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4 things which will decisively change the ‘poverty’ trap in NZ - true & tried methods :

1. Free Quality Education

2. Affordable housing

3. Jobs

4. Personal & parental responsibilities

1, 2 & 3 are already readily available if spending is prioritised but there is no will or desire to impose personal & parental responsibilities on all parents in NZ.

Parents having more children than they can afford for eg but they expect the state to provide! As long as that is the case, child poverty will never be eradicated.

Why even bother?

Teach a person to fish etc etc