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    Quote Originally Posted by fungus pudding View Post
    It's anything that doesn't knock the steam out of the economy. That doesn't weaken incentives or create disincentives while providing a safety net for those who need it. And first and foremost - to protect our citizens. Hence I would like to see Labour bring in strict dog laws; outright banning some breeds. Something National deemed too difficult. Yet every few months there is another victim of dog attack. Very often a young child. And occasionally a death. That's a simple example of something only the govt. can implement to protect us.
    In addition it's a party that does not give ministerial powers to the likes of Twyford, Hipkins, Davis and one or two others.
    Dangerous dog breeds, 100% in agreement with you there Fungus. ( I have owned three dogs over 30 years, Bichon Frise X 2 and now a Shi Tzu, nice , social non agressive.) The other issue is that these dam agressive breeds are also a danger to other dogs, which is why I am reluctant to walk our dog along St Clair/St Kida beach.
    Why dont governments act??
    1) 3 year election cycles
    2) cost of enforcement
    3) officialdom, behind the scenes cautioning a Minister against it
    4) " make concerned noises, and secretly wanting the "it will blow over and the public will move on"

    There are many issues like this unfortunately
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    The dog thing is complicated, our precious powder puff wouldn't hurt a fly, but neither would the Staffy Bull Terrier of our good friends (despite how mean and dangerous she looks). They both play together like children at kindergarten. Quite the opposite of what common knowledge suggests a 'killer dog' should behave. I reckon it's all about the dogs' owners, and how or whether the dog is trained, which sadly there are many who have those inherently dangerous breeds with no concern for their behaviour.

    It's not something that is easy to legislate. Legislation (law) is about informing the majority who wish to conform and punishing the minority who don't. The problem is finding the balance, which is why dangerous dog legislation struggles to get a hearing and hasn't passed into law thus far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshuatree View Post
    One thing we can agree on about some dog breeds.Some humans could be banned from owning dogs too as they bring out the worst in said dogs.
    Which brings us to the question of, if you need to be licenced to own a dog, shold the same not apply to children ?

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    Certainly, how the dog is brought up .. we have a Ridgeback which I've seen classed as a Dangerous Dog and she is the biggest wuss around..only here size and puppy like energy around kids has to be pulled up at times (running in the house etc) but it was trained into her not breed(thanks to local trainer that showed us the ropes) .. she has her place at the bottom of the family pack drilled into her at a early age.. always had to walk into a house last -feed last -not allowed in certain areas ...inside house only on her own bed and floor etc no jumping on beds or chairs or people etc...

    I agree many people shouldn't have dogs or children for that matter softness has a lot to answer for..

    Once one of my wife's friends had to get my help walking home from our house as there was a nasty Labrador stopping her being able to walk down a surberbing street just over the road showed all the signs to want to attack .. hard to believe a so called NZ favourite family dog being as issues but this one needed retrained or bullet (along with the owners)
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