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Transformation can take many forms, and tackling the social/cultural issues such as assisted dying, cannabis and abortion is transformational and shows courage and that she is not afraid, unlike National, to raise controversial and divisive issues such as abortion, when there is public support for them.
I always read the comments on articles – “Jacinda is a pragmatist rather than a populist” – I agree.
This comment makes a lot of sense “I think you will find the issue with a Capital Gains tax wasn’t about popularity with voters but more about more than half of politicians having investment properties themselves, she said it was “politically unpalatable” in other words, she was unable to get the numbers to pass anything.”
“Poverty, Housing and Tax. All 3 are the same issue, welded together” = neoliberalism. All in the very hard basket.
Assisted dying = ACT

Cannabis = Greens

Abortion reform = formalisation of practices already in place

Try harder, Moka - name one transformative initiative by Cindy. She can’t even Deliver on Reducing child poverty!