Good evening all.

I've been a lurker for a few months.

I have to say I'm in way over my head still but I'm trying to learn. I'm 28 so have plenty of time ahead of me still.

The saddest part is I have no money to invest (probably a good thing atm considering my lack of knowledge on the subject) but will be mortgage free in mid 2021 so am trying to learn how to invest without getting burnt from there. I've accumulated a tidy balance in my work run superscheme but otherwise have $75 invested in harmoney. I literally poor all my cash onto that darn mortgage.

At times part of me feels like I should just dump the cash into my Superfund which I can cash out at retirement. Why? Because I can remain ignorant and it returns decent % while sitting exposed to the sharemarkets being a growth fund and all - and I don't have to do anything. But I actually like looking at the forum, and the different shares. I have a natural interest and it seems fun and exicting.

Where do you recommend I start? Right now it feels less important to know about the different shares and what their values are and how you go about calculating these things etc. My basic knowledge of how things work - the share-market, the terminology used and how trades 'happen' is lacking. Is there an instruction manual for dumbarses?

I have time on my hands to learn these things as I am not able to buy anything in the next 12 months sadly as I've been following the hallenstiens/glassons thread with much interest. I stand to win a can of coke off a work mate if the share price hits $6 before end of year. So not all is lost.