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    I am a 17 year old high school student who is interested in learning as much as I can about investment and the share market. Over the past two years I have dabbled with and managed to grow my portfolio by 95% over the 24 month period, which I thought was something to be quite proud of. I've got a bit of cash behind me that I'm willing to put into some investments for the purpose of learning and seeing if I can replicate my previous success. What are the best ways to do this as I have no clue and my parents have all their investments done through their accounts manager, so they aren't much help. Anyone have any experience in the investment banking field of work ? What books should I read ? What skills do I need to acquire to be successful with my investments ?

    All feedback and advice will be appreciated, looking to learn as much as possible.


    Ben Hamilton

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    Lots of good reading through the ST site Investment Strategies etc ...and on this thread ..... hard study will pay off...

    hotcopper another forum with some great learning

    plenty of good books on the basics >>

    I started in my early twenties 16yrs+ ago,,,I still make mistakes and I've spent huge time studying companies the markets along with commodities and most important "market sentiment" to my sectors I invest in..

    #1- you have to enjoy the work ...if its just about the money you'll let greed & fear override intelligent trading ...

    #2- invest and trade what you have interests in maybe you like the big caps well known forms , TECH ,Biotech , or more primary industries

    Its not hard these days to setup and trading account with the likes of ASB ... personal I like the ASX but nothing wrong investing in the NZX esp for a start >>
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