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    Default 2019 NZ Stock Picking Contest

    Hi all...well, its that time :-)
    Would love to get a big crowd for this coming years competition...I am proposing the same rules as 2018's comp.

    1) Pick FIVE different NZX-listed equity instruments (incl. Smartshares and foreign companies listed in NZ). Companies/Funds with a market cap of less than $10m may not be selected.
    2) Each pick has an equal weighting.
    3) Picks in by 7pm January 2nd 2019 (New Zealand time); ie, prior to trading opening.
    4) You may not use the alias that belongs to someone else on, or misrepresent another person.

    Returns calculations
    1) Each will start with a notional portfolio of $10,000
    2) Returns will be calculate from the last closing price of 2017 (which i think is Dec 31st 2018) to the last closing price of 2019.
    3) Its a 'total return' comp, so Dividends will be included - but NOT benefits from imputation credits or other tax-specific benefits.
    4) Rights issues are included according to the 'Snoopy Formula'. This does not increase capital, but recognises a capital gain/loss on the rights for the year.
    5) If a selection delists or otherwise somehow dissolves; it will be kept but manually adjusted in your selections to reflect the realised situation resulting from the event causing this.
    6) Winner is the person who has the largest %age increase.

    There are THREE ways to enter:
    1) via this survey form:!AuUMI8ycnlsfhf0...A1E8E32CC4F%7D
    2) email to
    3) private message to me on sharetrader

    I won't publish what people are picking before Dec 31st.

    Happy Christmas / New Year everyone...and happy picking.

    Your faithful puddytat,
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    I should say - please don't select TGH! I know its been delisted, it somehow crept onto the list.
    And if there are any other shares not listed in the sheet, please let me know via this forum.


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