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    Chrysler announced they would no longer be selling cars in N.Z. in late 2018. Their withdrawal from the market and consequent worries about spare parts supply was the other catalyst for a change.
    Urban consumption on the Chrysler SRT8, official rating 20.5L 100 km's of 98 Octane at say $2.30 = $47 per 100 km's.
    Urban consumption official rating Calais V 12.3 L 100 km's of 91 Octane at say $2.10 = $25.83
    Difference is actually $21 per 100 km 's. Over 14,000 km's per annum that's nearly $3,000 per annum or about $60 per week.
    New Calais V has seat massaging that pampers this pooches back too mm
    Cars gradually get old mate. I normally change them every 4-5 years or thereabouts.
    More than 90% of my driving is around Auckland's congested city roads. Calais V has full speed range adaptive cruise which is very useful as is the much smaller turning circle and its helps that the Calais is not as wide as an aircraft carrier
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