Hi was wondering if anyone had encountered the following;

ASB not executing citing 'Market Discovery' as their reason.

Happened to me with both buys and sells whereby I enter an Order and they won't execute as the bid offer (usually the stock wil have a bid offer of roughly 19.5c-20c) and aren't prepared to let me sell out, the order won't place and the team call 10-15mins later saying its in breach of market discovery. Even more annoyingly whilst negotiating with them, both the bid and offer have been struck and I can no longer get in or out due to the remaining parcel size...infuriating and somewhat dodgy in my mind.

I raised it with the compliance team at the NZX (I know why would you even bother) and they suggested It's an internal thing with ASB and not their problem.

Anyone else encountered this? I've had a gutsful of ASB and going to switch to direct broking who atleast have a few more features for the exorbitant price paid per trade...