As a newish and very green investor, I am slowly - very slowly - trying to work out which strategies work for me, and which don't. Alongside that I'm also trying to develop my own rules, my guiding principles, in an attempt to make sure that having worked out a strategy to follow I then stick to certain rules. Rules like:
- not investing too much in one company, no matter how much I'm convinced it's the next big thing
- which shares are my "bottom drawer shares" and which are my "trading shares"
- resisting the temptaion to meddle too much

As I read posts across the board, I've seen people refer to the rules they follow. Seems like people vary between:
- no rules at all
- follow your gut instincts
- then all the way up to carefully designed thought-out plans

So I'm curious to know, what are some of the rules that you follow? Are they hard and fast rules that you NEVER deviate from? Or they more guidelines, to be tweaked constantly?