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    Default Printing problems Windows 10

    Got a fairly new canon printer TS 5160 - yes a cheaper one but does the job, well it did, though not sure it is the printer

    Trying to print a few pictures just on normal paper and prints fine via Photoshop Elements when I set as "Elements manages the colour" or something similar

    However, if I try to print from opening the folder in explorer and printing via the "app" it comes out dull, not sure I have tried to do this on this printer since I had it, only been a month or 2.

    Have only printed PDF's, emails, word/excel etc all good.

    Have changed the ink to new canon inks, still the same.

    Think my old printer started to do this as well before it died, but I think I somehow fixed it, cannot remember how
    Have not changed any settings as far as I am aware
    Any ides/gurus out there??

    Thanks in advance

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    Do you have an option to change the print quality? Something like "Standard", "High", or "Draft". Changing it to high will use more ink but give a better result. The printer manual should tell you how to change this. Pages 189/190 and 234 of this manual shows a picture of what I'm talking about

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