Anyone has any experience with cordless electric lawn mowers?

Seems to be 3 main brands, that you can swap batteries in and out with other tools such as blower vacs/hedge trimmers etc of the same brand.
- Stihl
- Ryobi
- E GO
Will be using the mulching setting majority of the time.
Have a relatively flat lawn of about 300-350m2 in total, no idea on type of grass, except there is a bit of kikuyu grass and in summer paspalum also (this is not a manicured lawn- looks OK from a distance once mowed with your glasses off

Intention is when we get one will replace the other tools when they die with same brand so we can swap batteries in and out
Have read a few reviews of each, however seem to be an equal number of wouldn't buy one again and best thing since sliced bread for each brand. Some are not very recent, so could be/should be improvement's since publishing.
Stihl and Ryobi about the same price, EGO more expensive , though has a 56V battery compared to 36v for the other two