After frequenting a number of other Share Boards and appreciating some of their features that are not available here on ShareTrader, I wonder if it is possible to include them? BTW, I do not know on what commercial basis this site is established or how it is funded and so realise that development requires time and effort.

My requests are:
i) For a "like" facility so that readers can express their approval of a post. Ideally, the poster receives a notification indicating the pseudonym of the "liker".
ii) For the current market price (or within the 20 min no charge availability from the NZX and ASX sites) to be placed against every post on the NZX and ASX forums. The share price is a very significant item for the context of a post. Some sites even come back and update the 20 min delayed price to that applying at the time of the post (i.e. it is updated after 20 mins).

This is a good site and much appreciated. I think if it can be updated with new features like the above it will be even better and help to head off some of the competition that is arising.