-With NZ company (MEL NZX) (MEZ ASX)
-When a dividend is payed how does the dividend Tax work?
-If your buy MEZ shares on the ASX and you are non a Tax resident of Australia and New Zealand (Non residents are required to pay 15% dividend Tax)

-When the dividend is payed on the 17th what AUD would end up in your Australian bank account and what Tax would have been paid?
-What currency conversion rate is used (Is it the mid market rate), or is it up to the company to negotiate a rate with an institution?

I understand it is a NZ company and dividend originates in NZD (NZ company tax 28%) (Auz company tax 30%) after that I am getting lost.

Thanks in advance

-This is the NZX
Code Ex Dividend Period Amount Supp. Imputation Payable Currency
MEL 28 Mar 2019 Special 2.440c 0.000c 0.000c 17 Apr 2019 NZD
MEL 28 Mar 2019 Interim 5.700c 0.865c 1.906c 17 Apr 2019 NZD

-This is ASX
Code Company Name Div Amount Ex Div Date Record Date Date Payable % Franked Type Further Information
MEZ * MERIDIAN ENERGY 9.8941c 27/09/2018 28/09/2018 17/10/2018 0% Final NZ8.94C+2.44C SPEC+1 .3568CNR;15%WT

This is the detailed link: