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    Empire of democracy :
    the remaking of the West since the Cold War 1971-2017

    Reid-Henry, Simon, author.

    The first panoramic history of the Western world from the 1970s to the present day.
    Empire of Democracy is the story for those asking how we got to where we are. Half
    a century ago, at the height of the Cold War and amidst a world economic crisis,
    the Western democracies were forced to undergo a profound transformation. Against
    what some saw as a full-scale “crisis of democracy” with race riots, anti-Vietnam
    marches and a wave of worker discontent sowing crisis from one nation to the next,
    a new political-economic order was devised and the postwar social contract was torn
    up and written anew. In this epic narrative of the events that have shaped our own
    times, Simon Reid-Henry shows how liberal democracy, and western history with it,
    was profoundly reimagined when the postwar Golden Age ended. As the institutions
    of liberal rule were reinvented, a new generation of politicians emerged: Thatcher,
    Reagan, Mitterrand, Kohl. The late twentieth century heyday they oversaw carried
    the Western democracies triumphantly to victory in the Cold War and into the
    economic boom of the 1990s. But equally it led them into the fiasco of Iraq, to the
    high drama of the financial crisis in 2007/8, and ultimately to the anti-liberal
    surge of our own times. The present crisis of liberalism enjoins us to revisit
    these as yet unscripted decades. The era we have all been living through is closing
    out, democracy is turning on its axis once again. As this panoramic history
    poignantly reminds us, the choices we make going forward require us first to come
    to terms with where we have been.

    Hardback ISBN 978-1-47367-055-6
    PaperB ISBN 978-1-47367-056-3
    eBook ISBN 978-1-47367-058-7

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    Destined for war :
    can America and China escape Thucydides's trap?
    Allison, Graham T., author.

    "The reason is Thucydides's Trap, a deadly pattern of structural stress that
    results when a rising power challenges a ruling one. This phenomenon is as old
    as history itself. About the Peloponnesian War that devastated ancient Greece,
    the historian Thucydides explained: "It was the rise of Athens and the fear
    that this instilled in Sparta that made war inevitable." Over the past 500
    years, these conditions have occurred sixteen times. War broke out in twelve
    of them. Today, as an unstoppable China approaches an immovable America and
    both Xi Jinping and Donald Trump promise to make their countries "great again,"
    the seventeenth case looks grim. Unless China is willing to scale back its
    ambitions or Washington can accept becoming number two in the Pacific, a trade
    conflict, cyberattack, or accident at sea could soon escalate into all-out war.
    In Destined for War, the eminent Harvard scholar Graham Allison explains why
    Thucydides's Trap is the best lens for understanding U.S.-China relations in
    the twenty-first century. Through uncanny historical parallels and war scenarios,
    he shows how close we are to the unthinkable. Yet, stressing that war is not
    inevitable, Allison also reveals how clashing powers have kept the peace in the
    past -- and what painful steps the United States and China must take to avoid
    disaster today"-- Provided by publisher.

    ISBN 9781925322378 ANZ edition

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    The Devil's chessboard:
    Allen Dulles, the CIA and the rise of America's secret government
    David Talbot: Author

    "Dulles's decades as the director of the CIA was a dark times in American politics.
    The spymaster saw himself as above the elected law, manipulating and subverting
    American presidents in the pursuit of his personal interests and those of the
    wealthy elite he counted as his friends and clients - colluding with Nazi-controlled
    cartels, German war criminals, and Mafiosi in the process. Targeting foreign leaders
    for assassination and overthrowing nationalist governments not in line with his
    political aims, Dulles employed those same tactics to further his goals at home,
    culminating in the assassination of his political enemy, John F. Kennedy."--Back cover.

    ISBN 9780008162078

    ************************************************** ************************************
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    Default More Reading

    Democracy betrayed
    : how superdelegates, redistricting, party insiders, and the Electoral College rigged the 2016 election

    Rosenfeld, Steven, 1959- author.

    "An impassioned takedown of the undemocratic features of American electoral politics and their role in
    the 2016 election. Americans are taught to cherish our democracy, especially our right to vote.
    But after the 2016 presidential election, we are confronted, yet again, with the reality that our
    system is neither free nor fair. Almost every step along the way is filled with intentional and
    unintentional pitfalls, barriers, and dysfunction. The results disadvantage, discourage, and
    ultimately disenfranchise, but a myth persists that our elections and democracy are exemplary.
    Our system is adept at pre-empting the very citizens whose participation would upend governing
    classes and economic elites. That's done by making voting more complicated, less accountable and
    resistant to reform. Whether we're talking about voter ID laws, superdelegates, convoluted state
    recount rules, or the archaic Electoral College, procedures have greater weight than democratic
    principles, or evidence-based determinations. Inside Job catalogs the long litany of ways our
    elections failed, and continue to fail, their billing as model democracy. It will look through
    the lens of impassioned skepticism, highlighting what went wrong and conveying why that need not
    be the case. More people registered to vote in 2016 than ever before, even if turnout was about
    the same as 2012. That shows people want a system they can believe in.
    This book will speak to them and show them how they can fight for a better democracy." --Publisher description.

    ISBN 9781510729452 (hardback)

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ******

    The convenient terrorist :
    two whistleblowers' stories of torture, terror, secret wars, and CIA lies
    Joseph Hickman & John Kiriakou: Authors

    "A startling spotlight on the darkest corners of America's War on Terror, where nothing is
    quite what it seems. The Convenient Terrorist is the definitive inside account of the capture,
    torture, and detention of Abu Zubaydah, the first high-value target captured by the CIA after
    9/11. But was Abu Zubaydah, who is still being indefinitely held by the United States under
    shadowy circumstances, the blue-ribbon capture that the Bush White House claimed he was?
    Authors John Kiriakou, who led the capture of Zubaydah, and Joseph Hickman, who took
    custody of him at Guantanamo, draw a far more complex and intriguing portrait of the al-Qaeda
    mastermind who became a symbol of torture and the dark side of US security. From a one-time
    American collaborator to a poster boy for waterboarding, Abu Zubaydah became a convenient
    terrorist; a way for US authorities to sell their War on Terror to the American people."
    -- Provided by publisher.

    ISBN 9781510711624 (hardcover)

    ************************************************** ************************************************** ******

    Seeds of resistance : the fight to save our food supply
    Schapiro, Mark, 1955- author.

    "Ten thousand years after humans figured out how to stop wandering and plant crops, veteran
    investigative journalist Mark Schapiro plunges into the struggle already underway for control
    of seeds, the ground-zero ingredient for our food. Three quarters of the seed varieties on
    Earth in 1900 had become extinct by 2015. In Seeds of Resistance, Schapiro takes us onto the
    frontlines of a struggle over the seeds that remain, one that will determine the long-term
    security of our food supply in the face of unprecedented climate volatility. Schapiro reveals
    how more than half of all commercially-traded seeds have fallen under the control of just
    three multinational agri-chemical companies. At just the time when scientists tell us we need
    a spectrum of options to respond to climatic changes, thousands of seed varieties are being
    taken off the market and replaced by the companies' genetically engineered or crack-baby seeds,
    addicted to chemical pesticides and herbicides from the day they are planted. Schapiro dives
    deep into the rapidly growing movement in the United States and around the world to defy
    these trends and assert autonomy over locally-bred seeds--seeds which are showing high levels
    of resilience to the onrushing and accelerating impacts of climate change."--Publisher's description.

    ISBN 9781510705760 (paperback)

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    American Nuremberg
    : the US officials who should stand trial for post-9/11 war crimes
    Gordon, Rebecca, author.

    No subject is more hotly debated than the extreme measures that our government
    has taken after 9/11 inthe name of national security. Torture, extraordinary
    rendition, drone assassinations, secret detention centers (or black sites ),
    massive surveillance of citizens.But while the press occasionally exposes the
    dark side of the war on terror and congressional investigators sometimes raise
    alarms about the abuses committed by U.S. intelligence agencies and armed forces,
    no high U.S. official has been prosecuted for these violations which many legal
    observers around the world consider war crimes. The United States helped
    establish the international principles guiding the prosecution of war crimes
    starting with the Nurembergtribunal following World War II, when Nazi officials
    were held accountable for their crimes against humanity.
    But the American government and legal system have consistently refused to apply
    these same principles to our own officials. Now Rebecca Gordon takes on the
    explosive task of indicting the officials who in a just society should be put
    on trial for war crimes. Some might dismiss this as a symbolic exercise.
    But what is at stake here is the very soul of the nation.
    --Publisher's description.

    ISBN 9781510703339 (hbk.)

    ************************************************** ************************************************** **************
    Hunting the Caliphate
    : America's war on ISIS and the dawn of the strike cell
    Dana J.H. Pittard and Wes J. Bryant

    In this vivid first-person narrative, a Special Operations Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) and his commanding general
    give fascinating and detailed accounts of America's fight against one of the most barbaric insurgencies the world has ever seen. In the summer of 2014, three years after America's full troop withdrawal from the Iraq War, President Barack Obama authorized
    a small task force to push back into Baghdad. Their mission: Protect the Iraqi capital and U.S. embassy from a rapidly emerging
    terrorist threat. A plague of brutality, that would come to be known as ISIS, had created a foothold in northwest Iraq and northeast Syria. It had declared itself a Caliphate-an independent nation-state administered by an extreme and cruel form of Islamic law-and was spreading like a newly evolved virus. Soon, a massive and devastating U.S. military response had unfolded. Hear the ground truth on the senior military and political interactions that shaped America's war against ISIS, a war unprecedented in both its methodology and its application of modern military technology.

    ISBN 9781642930559 (hardback)
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    How come it takes so long to get to court?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTM 3442 View Post
    How come it takes so long to get to court?
    Umm...because there are 51 murder charges to prove and sundry attempted murder and wounding charges.

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    The future is Asian
    : global order in the twenty-first century
    Khanna, Parag, author.

    Leading global strategist Parag Khanna explains how Asia is reshaping
    the entire planet and setting a new template for our collective future.
    Five billion people, two-thirds of the world's mega-cities, one-third
    of the global economy, two-thirds of global economic growth, thirty of
    the Fortune 100, six of the ten largest banks, eight of the ten largest
    armies, five nuclear powers, massive technological innovation, the
    newest crop of top-ranked universities. Asia is also the world's most
    ethnically, linguistically and culturally diverse region of the planet,
    eluding any remotely meaningful generalization beyond the geographic
    label itself. Even for Asians, Asia is dizzying to navigate. Whether
    you gauge by demography, geography, economy or any other metric,
    Asia is already the present and it is certainly the future. It is for
    this reason that we cannot afford to continue to get Asia so wrong.
    The Future Is Asian accurately shows Asia from the inside-out, telling
    the story of how this mega-region is coming together and reshaping
    the entire planet in the process. Publisher back cover notes.

    ISBN 9781474610674 (paperback)
    ISBN ebook 978-1-4746-1069-8
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