Just received today from my broker in the US.
"Dear Valued Client,

We have important news about your account. Because of a New Zealand regulatory requirement, accounts with a New Zealand address will no longer be allowed to maintain options, futures, or forex trading privileges as of September 30, 2019.

There will be no other changes to your service. Your trading platforms, commissions, and interest rates will stay the same. However, this change does mean you are no longer eligible to apply for options or futures and forex trading. "
Not that I trade in futures and options (derivatives for that matter), I do believe this is not fair and a clear example of how the NZ gov't has restricted their residents on their ability to manage their foreign assets. I suspect this all pertains to the FIF rules which (if I recall correctly) does not apply to foreign derivatives.

I also question, do managed NZ funds that trade in overseas investments fall under the same restriction (of not able to trade options and futures contracts in overseas US markets?). I have not been able to find such online news confirming this NZ gov't regulation?

The principal is not very good just like Kiwi Saver and FIF.