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    Default Regional Investment Events

    Hi all,
    We are running a number of investor events across the next few weeks - visiting Blenheim, Nelson, New Plymouth, Palmerston North & Napier.
    It will be an evening of investment myth-busting about the risks of share investing, why index investing can work for you and how to seed your financial success.
    We will address why investing is not trading, how to time the market perfectly and answer your questions about the stock market.
    This event is run by Kernel (an index fund manager) with the content presented based on the excellent research work from S&P Dow Jones Indices.
    All welcome. See here for further details & to RSVP.

    Not coming to your town? Where would you like us to visit?

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    I'm curious on any investment seminar if they've done the proper run-down on why investing into shares is better than buying a house when factoring taxation? From what I can see, all of these Kiwi Saver funds seem to exclude taxation in their performance figures. Sure there's the 28% PIE rate but let's be real, how does a managed fund that invests abroad say in the US equities market ETF, etc. could net a larger return than the person buying a house in Auckland which it's capital gain can be 100% tax free?

    Funds that invest into US equities are bound by FIF which is a hugely regressive tax that kills the compound returns in the same manner as high management fee funds. If one feels the 5% FDR is high? No other person is more critical about taking away compound principle than John Bogle (RIP) who pioneered the ETF with his Vanguard funds. The following link addresses this issue:

    So if NZ's managed funds have something to really offer, at least let's be transparent in their fee & taxation structure to the client. Vanguards ETFs avg mgt fee of 0.1% If the NZ investor is buying a NZ based fund that all they do is buy the overseas say S&P500 ETF, they at the minimum should show why they they can't directly buy the overseas ETF. On most part because of NZ's FMA (Financial Market AUHTORITY) regulation which essentially bans NZ retailers from opening overseas brokerage accounts so they could directly invest into these low cost ETFs. In return, they funnel the mass NZ public to only choose NZ based brokers / funds while these axxxholes can cream an insane fees?


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