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Even if you factor the statistical measure with the bell curve, no matter which part of the bell, the results is so compelling that NZ is so far out of touch in affordability or what you get in a house.

Another figure to look at is land prices for empty sections. Here in Christchurch we're looking near $300,000 for 600m2 size sections in new sub-divisions.

Many years ago I remember on talk radio talking about some overseas celebrity visiting NZ that made a statement saying "NZ is a rip-off place" and I think the public kinda took offense to the person's statement. But there was some merit to the person's claim. I suppose when NZ residents hear that kind of negativity, they can't give any other excuse or a way to change it so they come back with remarks like "Well if you don't like NZ you don't have to visit again etc.."
Yes been looking over at Utah state ... looks just like one HUGE Central Otago but with much cheaper property