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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackPeter View Post
    I think we all get that you don't like Jacinda, however this post is plain silly (as too many of yours ...).

    Do you really not realise that Christian women, Jewish women and many Buddhist and Hindu women as well as Muslim women used to wear head scarfs for many centuries - and this had nothing to do with suppression. It is in countries with plenty of sun a good protection against sunlight, but yes - it is in many cultures as well used as symbol of modesty ... and it turned into being part of the culture.

    If you open your eyes you might even discover that Christian nuns are still today covering their hair, as well as many elderly women in Christian based Mediterranean countries (e.g. in Southern Italy). They all wear it by choice.

    It is pretty obvious for anybody with an open mind that our PM did wear the headscarf as sign of respect for a different culture instead of condoning the acts of a criminal authoritarian government.

    You are consistently demonstrating blind hate and disrespect for other human beings. While there is no need to agree with the political goals or the implementation skills of our PM (I don't either) - I don't think she deserves your consistent and absolutely silly attacks.

    And in fact - it is revolting posts like yours and from some other hard righters who are just driving people into the political left. Hardly any decent person would want to support a political camp which harbours so much hate, silliness and lack of respect.

    Maybe you should start asking yourself what's wrong with yourself - and for a start - grow up!

    Before you get on your high horse and mouth off more platitudes, know this :

    Cindy did wear the hijab initially as a sign of respect for another religion & culture subject to a horrific terrorist incident and she was applauded widely for it. Bravo.

    She continued to wear it however even after an Iranian group pleaded with her not to do so any further as it is a sign of oppression - why?

    Because Cindy thought she was on to a real winner and that was more important to her than the plea NOT to pander any further to the oppressive nature of the hijab in certain Muslim countries.

    Now, BP, get off your high horse and get real about what Cindy is all about - all spin & no delivery.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Logen Ninefingers View Post
    Yay - free trade deal. Tariffs to fully come off sheep and beef meat 15 years from now. Well done everyone.
    I expected as much from you.
    15 years is more than anyone expected given what history has shown.
    The agreement is more than just sheep and beef of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dobby41 View Post
    I expected as much from you.
    15 years is more than anyone expected given what history has shown.
    The agreement is more than just sheep and beef of course.
    Indeed it is. It also protects the obnoxious, barbaric haka.


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