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    The drums are beating. Ardern and Robertson are fast burning their political capital.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dobby41 View Post
    They do - they have a real 'F... you' attitude.
    That is why I prefer to live here than there, I find that they are very selfish and American-like in many of their attitudes.
    Adern got taken for a sucker when she thought that they were honorable and would do what they said.

    Of course, their attitude is showing with the marches and their response to the Sydney lockdown resulting in the said lockdown being extended for another 4 weeks - more lockdown time than NZ. More fool them!
    Your experience of Americans must be different from mine.

    However, I agree, there does seem to be a large Trumpist element in both the UK and Oz.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artemis View Post
    Well that depends. Landlords can set rent to whatever they like, though can decide to change that if there are no acceptable takers. Or too many takers. Or make other decisions. Because they can.
    They can set them as low as they like but that Mean Mr. Market puts the brakes on the increases, as you acknowledge; so they cannot set rents at whatever they like

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonu View Post
    The drums are beating. Ardern and Robertson are fast burning their political capital.
    Increase in benefits & increased minimum wages chewed up by increased cost of living, especially housing.

    In desperation, watch this government bring in ever more repressive policies against hard working NZers & wealth creators while piling on ever more benefits to their voter base.

    And yes, more distractions by favoring Maoris to retain that voting bloc and stay in power to destroy the future of NZ for future generations.

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    Quote Originally Posted by peetter View Post
    This is laughable. Nothing in life is without risk. My brother is in Australia for years only on work visa and doing great. I can assure you he is perfectly capable of assessing all of the risks and rewards and is not "very irresponsible" as he actually hit the IQ scale ceiling.
    Those without a brain move to Australia under different assessment than those with high level of skills who choose to move there because of the much higher pay. Registered nurses are a skilled category - they move to Australia NOT under the Trans-Tasman agreement. They move there under a proper 'work visa' that entitles them PR and a direct path to obtaining Australian citizenship.


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