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    Quote Originally Posted by tim23 View Post
    It’s a sausage roll not a pie.
    It's not a sausage roll it's an IDIOT !

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    Wellington GP Dr Jeff Lowe and Naomi Ferguson quit Health NZ board, which is now reduced to two members

    The former Handy Andy's BS Kiwi Health Reincarnation Circus seems to be going swimmingly well .. the top chairs around the table seem to be mostly vacant. Most of the Labour appointed imports look like either jumping & diving off or gone under the spotlight ?

    The usual sort of thing to be expected in the end of the road with the multitude Labour's failed & clueless largescale C*ck-ups imploding & burning on seeing the light

    At least it seemed to managed to survive, limping along long after the talentpiece who dragged it into existence had been dispatched in a shameful deposing and run away to hide fast.. Most will recognise that the District Health Boards delivering at the local level were far more adept at delivering & catering to their target audiences, than some hopeless grandiose UK based flawed NH look -like empire inspired and created by Political morons in Wellington who either didn't know or want to admit how the stumbling & shuddering creation was managing .. even in the face of repeated reported failures in the Media
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