12 March 2024
Dear Aorere Resources Shareholder,
Aorere Resources Future Strategy
Last week Aorere requested that it be delisted from the Unlisted Stock Exchange (USX) as from 31
March 2024, and the USX then requested that there be an immediate trading halt.
As you may be aware the USX listing hasn’t been optimal for various reasons. The most significant
one is that our asset backing per share is now significantly lower than the sellers’ prevailing offer
price hence there has little or no buying interest. Consequently, according to my records, there have
been fewer than 5 trades in the three and a half years that we have been listed.
This move reduces other associated costs and makes it much easier and cheaper to reconstruct our
capital structure, bring in new projects and return to a listed status.
Given my travel commitments last week (I was representing our largest investment, Chatham Rock
Phosphate, at the Prospectors & Developers conference in Toronto), together with associated
meetings and the requirement to attend our booth there, this meant I was unable to provide this
briefing before the USX made our requested delisting announcement.
For this, I apologise, and I assure you that this move to an unlisted status is not the beginning of the
end for your company but facilitates the start of a new chapter. Those of you who have been with us
since our inception will recall that we were unlisted from 1989 to 2003. During that period I facilitated
share trades and I will do so again from now on.
Your directors are significant shareholders in the company and our interests are very much aligned
with yours. This delisting from the USX is very much in the interests of us.
Feel free to contact me direct if you have any questions.
Chris Castle
Managing Director
Aorere Resources Limited
Cell: 021 558 185
Email: chris@widespread.co.nz