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Thread: New layout

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    I've been involved in or close to IT projects for many decades, and this is an absolute abomination. USX or whoever is paying for this has been ripped off, it is a giant step backwards and barely functional, a retrograde downgrade on what they already had! At least the old site worked, albeit pretty basic. No decent IT project or supplier would have ever let this loose to the public in the very very poor state that it is in now. Shame on them whomever they are. If you find out, don't invest a cent in them. Shameful.

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    The sad thing Baa_Baa, is that this level of competence is increasingly coming to be seen as the norm. Over time, the customers who use the system come to expect functionality downgrades, coupled with reduced usability.

    Example - on the old Unlisted system, I could see a good ten years of Silver Fern Farms price history on a graph, now I have more than a hundred pages of data to scroll through and copy-type into a spreadsheet to produce that graph.

    Not to mention the various controls which slide over and obscure one another due to poorly implemented window resizing. . .
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