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    Another bit on syndication / funds from Chris Lee
    At the top of every bubble, everyone is convinced it's not yet a bubble.

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    Probably behind the paywall

    Oyster fund's business plan obviously did not have a 7.73% interest rate. I wonder what interest rates they were planning on? Or perhaps rents would rise sufficiently fast to justify the purchase price and cover the mortgage.

    Makes you wonder about the yields that listed companies are planning on.

    Maybe the impending depreciation denial is a factor.

    No redemptions happening currently but you can sell on Syndex.

    I imagine even with Syndex it might still be quite illiquid.

    Can you register with syndex and peruse what is on offer?

    I guess there would be all sorts of syndicated farms, orchards, vineyards and commercial property on offer.

    If it is illiquid there might be bargains to be had.

    Has anyone looked into this?

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    Oh dear....what a surprise.
    Isnt this so predictable ...
    Higher rates of return promised ....higher risk.
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    Not commercial but

    This wouldn't happen in NZ would it?
    Yeah right?
    Old apartments anyone?
    The plans for Mediterranean Village include elevator repairs, concrete restoration, improvements to the roof, and even $700,000 for landscaping"

    "The Altera Apartments in Stonefields, Auckland, was completed in 2015 by Fletchers, one of our largest residential building companies. But a new TV documentary screening on Prime on Wednesday, April 14 says these apartments, too, have leaky curtain walling and are not fire compliant"
    "Its about badly built buildings, Levie tells Stuff. If a building is leaking, its probably not fire compliant, and it probably has structural issues."
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