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    Quote Originally Posted by nztx View Post
    Will Tamaki be there or perhaps busy with closer pressing issues like trying to extract a Bro out of a serious bind ?

    It might be safe for Marama to come out & play on the intersections & crossings and not be left star struck while trying to perfect licking the asphalt between the lines

    Nothing like an early practice run for the wandering day of starry holiday
    LOL. Definitely no rainbow flags or LGBQTIAs will be around for long if he shows up with his posse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bjauck View Post
    I am certainly against some forms of protest - such as blocking the motorways at peak times, and occupying parliamentary grounds - no matter whether protestors are from the political right or left.

    You said you are for free speech and “all form” of protest so surely Swarbrick saying what she did on a protest march would be a good thing? Freedom in motion. I think it is a good thing to get as many causes together as possible on one protest occasion!
    Agree protesting without causing undue encroachment on civil liberties is good and proper. Im not sure whether all protesters coming out at the same time does them any good. The voice gets lost and can be seen as protesting for the sake of protesting. Of course, I have zero evidence to back this up so it may well turn out to be an effective way to conduct such a thing.


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