Just been reading Ben Graham's book as I am all over the place with my investing. I would fit his definition of defensive investor "Freedom from effort, annoyance and the need for making frequent decisions".

I thought I should be more business like with my investing so was looking to use the book as a basis for some intelligent investing. How I apply that in practice might be tricky but I need to start somewhere.

The 50/50 Stock/Bond portfolio can vary to 75/25 or vice versa depending on the market.

My first question is, as the portfolio split will depend on whether you think the market is higher than normal or lower than normal. Where would you go to get the Average Earnings, Average P/E, Average dividend yield for the NZX, ASX & S&P 500 over time to get an idea if the market is more richly priced or more conservatively priced historically speaking?

Is there such a site?