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    Quote Originally Posted by Muzz1234 View Post
    Nztx wouldn't you be happy to see it get taken over ? then goodbye I would love to know what really irks you about this company historically was a **** show or something current ?
    You only need to read back a few pages & on NZL on how a successful NZL Cap Raise went

    No exposure to this duo, No loss - as it appears to not be going anywhere fast

    Perhaps a take out may save a few souls some pennies & grief on hopes of invisible value added being distributed ..
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    ... the fine art of sniffing out debits & credits hidden under the carpet can pay dividends ...

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    I am very happy and enjoy my investment here in Alf as I can see every improvement to date I canít believe someone with no interests in Alf and consistently attacking Alf and rural land. As I can see on both forum. Unless you are hurting burned

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