Agree there's a lot more lower to go. My problem is the NZD will stay low for several years or decades. Despite the ups and down of the NZ currency in the past 20 years, the only relavant factor we should be considering is "has the standard of living in NZ improved?" My friend that works in liason with the NZ Gov't on foreign matters / internal affairs stats etc. insists people's standard of living in NZ has gone worse and worse each decade and that previous generations lived a better life. That is with this trend, next generation will not live as good as their parents and that's a real sad thing when places like the US have seen a 7 for 1 increase in standard of living in the past 80 years or so.

We have a globalist leader in the Labour Gov't party. She aligned her views to the Marxist views of the EU nations like Sweden and in process, introduced more regulations and taxes which pushes out development in the country. Even worse, scaring capital away from NZ (how else why is the NZD becoming weaker?). If we go to negative interest rates, watch out! Because the NZ business confidence index is at the pre GFC levels of 2008.