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Thread: RAK Rakon

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    Quote Originally Posted by SPC View Post
    I expect that after a long period of radio silence and internal wranglings and knashing of teeth that the special working group will eventually announce that the proposed offer is 'not in the best interests of shareholders at this time'...
    But 'which' shareholders.. ? ��

    meanwhile during that period of extensive teethgrinding & chair scraping at RAK Central .. the said SP will likely have drifted back to 70c or lower

    most of the bunnies watching except for the deaf, sleeping or exceptionally brave will then have been seen to have lost interest & jumped over the fence + run on sensing the excruciating processes coming out of RAK Central ..

    no sense in getting pumped up and then waiting around only to get dumped on - is there ?

    the smarter bunnies might be more interested in chasing expensive pearls elsewhere
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