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I have been thinking along the same lines as alokdhir for a while now regarding how it will end for all their funds.
I invested in their KS & listed funds in the early days but switched a few years ago.

For a portfolio for someone approaching retirement with little savings(not me) I split a third of the funds into 5 listed shares in 2007 at $10,000/share

2007 $10,000 MLN value now $9520.It has received quarterly dividends of around
8.5 c/year https://marlin.co.nz/assets/Uploads/...nd-History.pdf
Adds about $10,400 ?
Total value $19920 slightly more if dividends were reinvested
According to the investor center value would be around $33000 now
2007 $10,000 IFT value now with DRP $46,367 plus a few other dividends
As it turns out 2007 was a good time to invest in IFT
2007 $10,000 FPH value now with DRP $136,360

It would be interesting to have done the same with MFT & EBO in hindsight

Just another real life example of experience with these funds .

DYOR please