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    Default Biotechnology AVX,ACR,AVP.......

    Heres a list of biotechnology stocks currently on the ASX, some people might want to research some of the companies in the future.

    ACR Acrux Ltd
    AVP Acuron Ltd
    AHG Advance Healthcare Group Ltd
    AOS Advanced Ocular Systems Ltd
    AEI Aeris Technologies Ltd
    AFT AFT Corporation Ltd
    AGX Agenix Ltd
    ACL Alchemia Ltd
    ABI Ambri Ltd
    ANX Anadis Ltd
    ALT Analytica Ltd
    ANP Antisense Therapeutics Ltd
    AOP Apollo Life Sciences Ltd
    AQL Aquacarotene Ltd
    ACG AtCor Medical Holdings Ltd
    ACU Avantogen Ltd
    AUH Australian Healthcare Technology Ltd
    AVS Avastra Ltd
    AVX Avexa Ltd
    AVT AVT Holdings Ltd
    BLT Benitec Ltd
    BDM Biodiem Ltd
    BLS Biolayer Coropration Ltd
    BOD BioMD Ltd
    BNO Bionomics Ltd
    BPH BioPharmica Ltd
    BPO Bioprospect Ltd
    BOS Biosignal Ltd
    BTA Biota Holdings Ltd
    BTC Biotech Capital Ltd
    BIT Biotron Ltd
    BNE Bone Medical Limited
    BKL Blackmores Ltd
    BRC Brain Resource Company Ltd (The)
    BZI BrainZ Instruments Ltd
    CXD CathRx Ltd
    CST Cellestis Ltd
    CMQ Chemeq Ltd
    CXS Chemgenex Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    CIR Circadian Technologies Ltd
    CCE Clinical Cell Culture Ltd
    CLV Clover Corporation Ltd
    COH Cochlear Ltd
    CGS Cogstate Ltd
    CAU Colltech Australia Ltd
    CMP Compumedics Ltd
    CTE Cryosite Ltd
    CSL CSL Ltd
    CUV Clinuvel Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    CYC Cyclopharm Ltd
    CYN Cygenics Ltd
    CYT Cytopia Ltd
    DIA Dia-B Tech Limited
    EMS Eastland Medical Systems Ltd
    EIF Eiffel Technologies Ltd
    ELX Ellex Medical Lasers Ltd
    EQX Eqitx Ltd
    EGX EvoGenix Ltd
    FER Fermiscan Holdings Ltd
    FPH Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Ltd
    GAA Genepharm Australasia Ltd
    GBL Genesis Biomedical Ltd
    GEN Genesis Research and Development Corporation Ltd
    GTG Genetic Technologies Ltd
    GIA Giaconda Ltd
    HLT Healthpoint Technologies Ltd
    HTW HeartWare Ltd
    HTX HealthLinx Ltd
    IBA IBA Health Ltd
    IMI IM Medical Ltd
    IML IMD Group Ltd
    IMU Imugene Ltd
    ICV Incitive Ltd
    IDT Institute of Drug Technology Australia Ltd
    ITD ITL Ltd
    LBT Labtech Systems Ltd
    LFE Life Therapeutics Ltd
    LIP Lipa Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    LCT Living Cell Technologies Ltd
    KSX KarmelSonix Ltd
    MYP Mayne Pharma Ltd
    MAA Medec Ltd
    MVP Medical Developments International Ltd
    MDM Medical Monitors Ltd
    MTY Medical Therapies Ltd
    MGZ Medigard Ltd
    MSB Mesoblast Ltd
    MDV Medivac Ltd
    MBP Metabolic Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    NLS Narhex Life Sciences Ltd
    NEU Neuren Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    NDL Neuro Discovery Ltd
    NAL Norwood Abbey Ltd
    NRT Novogen Ltd
    NSL NSL Health Ltd
    OBJ OBJ Ltd
    OMI Occupational & Medical Innovations Ltd
    OIL Optiscan Imaging Ltd
    PBO Panbio Ltd
    PEP Peplin Biotech Ltd
    PTD Peptech Ltd
    PNO Pharmanet Group Ltd
    PAA PharmAust Ltd
    PXS Pharmaxis Ltd
    PLT Polartechnics Ltd
    PLD Portland Orthopaedics Ltd
    PBT Prana Biotechnology Ltd
    PBI Premier Bionics Ltd
    PRR Prima Biomed Ltd
    PBP Probiotec Ltd
    PGL Progen Industries Ltd
    POH Phosphagenics Ltd
    PYC Phylogica Ltd
    PCC Probiomics Ltd
    PXL Proteome Systems Ltd
    PSD Psivida Ltd
    RMD Resmed Inc
    RHT Resonance Health Ltd
    RTL Ritract Ltd
    RBY Rockeby Biomed Ltd
    SFP Safety Medical Products Ltd
    SIE Scigen Ltd
    SDI SDI Ltd
    SLT Select Vaccines Ltd
    SIP Sigma Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    SRX Sirtex Medical Ltd
    SLA Solagran Ltd
    SBP Solbec Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    SOM SomnoMed Limited
    SPL Starpharma Holdings Ltd
    STI Stirling Products Ltd
    SHC Sunshine Heart Inc
    TIS Tissue Therapies Ltd
    UNI Unitract Ltd
    UBI Universal Biosensors Inc.
    VCR Ventracor Ltd
    VLA Viralytics Ltd
    VHL Virax Holdings Ltd
    VSG Visiomed Group Ltd
    XBL Xceed Biotechnology Ltd

    __________________________________________________ ________________

    Heres one biotech company AVX that looks like a promising company. Good volumes going through of late.

    Avexa is a Melbourne-based biotechnology company with a focus on research and development of drugs
    for the treatment of infectious diseases, in particular diseases which have a significant unmet med

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    Here's the thread you were looking for Donnie.

    Search engine sometimes misses a few threads - especially ones with no replies.

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    thanks lizard.

    heres what i posted on the other thread i deleted anyway.

    A good rise today with good volumes going through.
    Biotechnology could be making a comeback.

    __________________________________________________ _________________

    Heres abit more about avexa from:

    Avexa, formed in 2004, is an Australian drug-discovery company based in Melbourne, Victoria.

    Avexa™s business is the discovery and development of anti-infective pharmaceutical medicines for the treatment of serious human infectious diseases.

    Avexa™s principal research programs focus on the discovery of innovative medicines for the treatment of the diseases caused by:

    Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV);

    Vancomycin- and methicillin-resistant bacteria.
    Each of these programs represents an area of significant medical need and high market potential and is designed to discover and develop innovative compounds which have a competitive edge.

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    Thanks Donnie... I'm convinced there's value out there in biotech at the moment...I'm just not sure where. Holding PTD and NLS at the moment on the ASX. Oh, and IBA - but I'd hardly count that as biotech! Anyway, thanks for all the posts.

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    Evogenix slowly getting to $1 a nice confirmation announcement today.

    EvoGenix Limited (ASX: EGX) today announced confirmation by collaboration partner
    GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) of successful completion of the first project between the two companies.
    Achievement of the target set for the project triggers a milestone payment to EvoGenix by
    GSK. Financial terms were not disclosed.
    Under the agreement, EvoGenix utilised its protein optimisation technology, EvoGeneTM, to
    develop improved versions of a protein product from the GSK pharmaceutical pipeline. The
    protein variants generated had improvements in affinity that exceeded the 20-fold goal
    specified in the collaboration agreement.
    EvoGenix announced completion of its work on the project in October last year. Subsequent
    evaluation and confirmation of the results by GSK has now been finalized successfully. GSK will
    be responsible for further development of the product, with EvoGenix eligible to receive
    additional milestone payments as the product progresses through the pipeline. EvoGenix is
    also set to earn royalties on product sales should it be approved and launched.
    "The success of this project, under our first collaboration with a major pharmaceutical
    company, demonstrates the ability of EvoGenix to deliver significant improvements in the
    properties of therapeutic proteins for our partners. Such enhancements in potency and other
    properties can make a key contribution to the eventual success of products when tested in
    patients" commented Dr Rob Crombie, VP Business Development who was responsible for
    brokering the original deal.
    "We are delighted with this external validation of the success of the EvoGenix technology
    platform” commented Dr George Kopsidas, Project Director and leader of the team of EvoGenix
    scientists who worked on the project. “We look forward to similar success in our other
    collaborative projects and in development of our internal portfolio of antibody drugs".
    EvoGenix is employing its protein engineering technologies in developing a series of valuable
    protein therapeutics internally, with a particular focus on antibody-based drugs, and also in
    collaborations with companies such as GlaxoSmithKline, CSL Limited and Vegenics Limited.

    About EvoGenix
    EvoGenix Limited (ASX:EGX) has established leading technology capabilities for creating high
    value antibody and protein-based therapeutics. The company exploits its capabilities through
    technology collaborations with partner companies, and by development in-house of a
    succession of wholly-owned antibody and protein products.
    EvoGenix is progressively building company value by assembling a portfolio of revenues from
    technology collaborations using its unique technology capabilities. Multi project
    collaborations with GlaxoSmithKline and Australia’s CSL Limited have been announced in the
    past 18 months as well as a recent single product agreement with Circadian Technologiesbacked
    biotechnology company, Vegenics Limited.
    At the same time EvoGenix is progressing its internal product pipeline, with current products
    aimed at the treatment of osteoporosis, lung cancer, melanoma and respiratory infections.
    Generally, these will be out-licensed prior to the clinical stage to meet the existing high
    demand for new biotherapeutic products in the pharmaceutical industry.

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    This deal should give the share price a jolt, after the long down trend its been on.

    pSivida signs A$203 million (US$165 million)
    Collaborative Research and Licensing Agreement
    with Pfizer

    Boston, MA. and Perth, Australia – pSivida Limited (NASDAQ:PSDV, ASX:PSD, Xetra:PSI), today
    announced it has signed an exclusive worldwide Collaborative Research and License Agreement
    with Pfizer Inc. (PFE: NYSE) for pSivida’s controlled drug delivery technologies, including the
    MedidurTM technology, in ophthalmic applications.
    Under the terms of the agreement, pSivida will receive up to A$191m (US$155m) in development
    and sales related milestones. The two companies will work together on a joint research program
    aimed at developing ophthalmic products using pSivida’s sustained drug delivery technology. In
    addition to milestone payments, Pfizer will fund the cost of the joint research program. Pfizer will
    have an exclusive license to market all products developed as part of this research collaboration in
    ophthalmic applications and will pay pSivida a royalty on net sales of those products. Pfizer may
    terminate the agreement on 60 days notice without cause.
    In addition to the development and sales milestones and payment of the cost of the joint research
    program, Pfizer has agreed to invest A$6.1m (US$5m) in ordinary shares of pSivida upon entering
    into the License Agreement, the proceeds of which will be held in escrow until such proceeds can
    be used (together with other cash available to pSivida) to redeem an outstanding convertible note.
    If pSivida does not repay the full amount outstanding under the convertible note prior to June 4,
    2007, Pfizer may elect during the 90 day period following June 9, 2007 to cause pSivida to return
    the A$6.1m (US$5m) held in escrow, in which case the license agreement would terminate. Pfizer
    has also agreed to invest an additional A$6.1m (US$5m) in pSivida common equity in the future,
    subject to certain conditions.
    “We believe this collaboration is another significant validation of the drug delivery systems that
    pSivida has been developing since its founding,” said Dr. Paul Ashton, Managing Director, pSivida
    Limited. “pSivida plans to pursue development and additional collaborations exploiting our
    innovative drug delivery technologies in other parts of the body.”
    Medidur™ is a tiny, injectable device designed for the sustained release
    of drugs and is currently being studied for the treatment of Diabetic
    Macular Edema (DME), the leading cause of blindness for Americans
    under the age of 65. MedidurTM in combination with Fluocinolone
    Acetonide is in Phase III clinical trials in DME in collaboration with
    Alimera Sciences Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on
    the ophthalmic industry.

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    Here's a useful biotech resource I just came across - has up to date summary information on many ASX listed biotechs. Interesting reading.


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    A good announcement out with the merger of peptech and evogenix.

    thanks lizard for the link.

    Peptech, EvoGenix merger to create giant

    May 7, 2007 - 2:04PM

    Drug maker Peptech Ltd is planning to merge with rival EvoGenix Ltd, in a $156 million deal.

    It will create one of the biggest biotechnology companies in Australia and a major player on the world stage.

    Peptech, a company with a market value of about $310 million, will acquire 100 per cent of the antibody therapeutics company in a cash and scrip deal worth $1.12 per share.

    Peptech chief executive Dr John Chiplin, who will lead the new entity, said the merger will create a company "poised to be a major player on the world-wide antibody stage".

    "What this gives us is a company of much bigger critical mass in the antibody sector, to compete effectively in the international market," Dr Chiplin said.

    "EvoGenix and Peptech are an excellent strategic fit at all levels."

    The offer, which has been recommended by EvoGenix directors and comprises 15 cents cash and 0.5055 Peptech shares, represents a 33 per cent premium to EvoGenix's price last Friday of 84.5 cents.

    Shares in EvoGenix surged 19.53 per cent or 16.5 cents to $1.01 on Monday but Peptech fell 11 cents to $1.81.

    Evogenix chief Dr Merilyn Sleigh, who will be retained in a senior advisory role, said the synergies between the two companies were too good to ignore.

    "We've been working very hard to build value in the company both developing antibody products (and) pipelines ... and it's really clear to us that to develop the full value in our products we really need to be working within a better funded environment than we currently are," she said.

    "This transaction is a fantastic opportunity for both EvoGenix and its shareholders to transfer those assets into the merged entity, to continue to share in the growth of those products and the upside of the future value."

    The proposal follows speculation that Peptech could become a private equity target, after it was revealed the company had received a number of unsolicited approaches earlier in the year.

    But speaking about the merger in Sydney, Dr Chiplin said the private equity approaches were "opportunistic" and no formal offers were ever made.

    The EvoGenix merger had now trumped any likely takeover, Dr Chiplin said.

    "We had these approaches just before the annual general meeting (in February)... but from Peptech management's perspective we weren't going to sit around just waiting or hoping to see if a bid would come in," he said.

    "This is an example of Peptech getting on with our lives.

    "The Peptech board consider the medium-term value that will be created by this merger to be the best course of action to drive significant shareholder value relative to other strategic options, which include private equity offers."

    Intersuisse biotech industry analyst Dr Darren Grubb said the merger was a "very good" one from a strategic standpoint.

    "To become a global antibody play, which Peptech is clearly becoming, they have to have a full suite of development and optimisation tools," he said.

    "What this does is give Peptech a very powerful platform to commercially hone antibodies, which is what the market is looking for."

    For EvoGenix he said it was a matter of "one-plus-one equals three", he said.

    "It's really given EvoGenix's technology platform a bite to it," he said.

    "In my view it is a very good deal for both shareholders."

    The merger is subject to the approval of EvoGenix shareholders, with a tentative date of August pencilled in for a scheme meeting.

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    I thought it looked like a great merger and am disappointed at the strong negative reaction of the PTD share price.

    Clearly EGX holders got a good deal at this point, since the merger values their human health portfolio considerably higher than Peptechs. Then again, they perhaps have more novel platforms (always difficult to value) - an area in which Peptech was weak. However, it would seem to me the synergies of the combined entity are more than enough to cover any premium paid for EGX. But, given market reaction, looks like I'll have to put these under the bed with all my other biotechs...

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    CBB Cordlife has held up well since listing, it'll be interesting to see how it goes over the next few years.

    Cordlife (CBB, formerly Cygenics Limited) is a biotechnology company focused on development and commercialisation of stem cell-related products, services, applications and technologies. Cordlife consists of tissue banking (Cord life Division), Consumable Products (Cell Sciences Division) and Cell Therapeutics and Technology Development (Cytomatrix Division).The company is part of a new international collaborative effort called PACRIMA, to develop new treatments for cancer. This will be done via the novel approach of developing and mobilising immune cells outside the human body.

    Cordlife Division:

    CordLife operates American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) compliant tissue banking facilities and provides tissue banking services in particular cord blood banking. The banking facilities comprise full processing and cryogenic storage capabilities.Formed CordLife Sciences (India) Private, a cord blood banking company, its head office in Kolkata.

    Cell Sciences Division:

    Cell Sciences designs, manufactures and markets proprietary range of disposable spinner vessels for use in attached and suspension cell culture, based on a patented 3-D growth scaffold. Products launched include three types of Cytomatrix scaffolds and two spinner based cell culture systems. Sales and distribution span over to the USA, Canada, Australia, EU South Korea, Thailand and China. Products were launched in 2004.Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Rockeby Biomed for logistics, sales, marketing and master distribution of the Avian and Human Flu Tests.

    Cytomatrix Division:

    Cytomatrix was established in USA 1996, the division is built around a three-dimensional cell growth Matrix that enhances the growth of cells outside the human body. Cytomatrix operates mainly in stem cell expansion and T-cell production. Cytomatrix plans to further develop stem cell expansion through commercialisation of single use kits or license agreements. Cytomatrix is collaborating with clinical institutions and government agencies for T-cell research. Phase I/II human clinical trials are planned for Australia and Phase III human clinical trials will target Australia and USA.

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    Wild ride for Benitec (BLT) today - started the day at 10.5cps, ran to 30.5cps and finished the day at 18cps... biotech can certainly have its moments of excitement - pity they are just so few and far between!

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    Default Biotech review

    Valutech provides an ongoing and rigorous (to the point of being totally brutal) review on many ASX listed biotechs. Despite the review's rather conservative tone, it does act as a good counterbalance to the unrestraint biotech hype that crops up now and then. In contrasting to other free biotech review services available on the 'net, I must say that Valutech has been instrumental in cautioning me against buying into a few biotech duds and those cautions have proven true in due course. But I doubt that all readers will appreciate the conspicuous lack of cheery note in its review. I had difficulty too initially.

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    And another breakthrough by biotech microcap Anadis (ANX), share price up 61%

    Might be a fix for avian flu?

    Milk-based Anti-influenza virus (flu) antibodies to provide
    immediate immunity

    Wednesday 9 January 2008

    Melbourne, Australia. Anadis Limited (ASX:ANX; OTC: ANDIY), today announced major progress in its anti-flu virus antibody program. The milk- derived anti-flu virus antibodies are all-natural and will provide immediate-acting immune enhancement once deposited topically on mucosal surfaces that come in contact with the influenza virus. Results from human trials are anticipated within 18 months.

    Addressing both seasonal and avian influenza (bird flu) virus strains, Anadis plans to introduce products using these antibodies (Flubodies) into the market within 2-3 years. This decision follows several successful animal trials with mice, conducted by Anadis and an internationally-recognized influenza research group at the University of Melbourne led by Professor Lorena Brown, using recognized pathways for development of anti-avian flu virus treatments.

    The dairy derived anti-flu virus antibody significantly decreased disease mortality and were significantly interrupting the disease process after challenges with lethal doses of virus. Anadis prototype milk-derived hyperimmune antibody preparation ("flubody") improved the survival rate of infected mice (exposed to lethal flu) from 0% in non-treated mice to up to 60% in treated mice. In other trials, it was shown that the progress of disease could be delayed for days with a single application of the prototype formulation.

    “This series of new preclinical tests gives us the comfort level to accelerate and the commercialization of our revolutionary Flubody approach for halting viral spread, utilizing our patent pending antibody formulations to provide immediate acting immunity” ,” said Dr Zeil Rosenberg, Anadis CEO. “Antibody and other protein-based solutions represent the next generation in the fight against influenza and Anadis, with its rapid development effort and extremely low manufacturing cost for harvesting antibodies, is wellpositioned to benefit from this trend.”

    Influenza affects 15-60 million people in the United States each year, causing an estimated 44,000 deaths and 186,000 hospitalizations annually. Pandemic influenza has occurred three times over the last century.

    The 1918 outbreak alone killed more than 40 million people worldwide. Avian influenza (bird flu) is a lethal influenza strain that has created worldwide concern because its infection can be transferred among humans. The mortality rate among humans exceeds 50%.
    Dr. Oren Fuerst, VP of Business Development of the company said: "Benefiting from our years of experience in the harvesting of polyclonal antibodies and other fractions of dairy derived immune milk (colostrum), we aim to be first to market with an effective and patented formulation for both the routine and avian flu markets. With our unique approach, we plan to become world leaders in the influenza market that today already exceeds $5 billion worldwide.”

    For further information contact:
    Dr. Zeil Rosenberg - CEO
    Tel: +1 201 750 4799
    Arie Nudel – Investor Relations
    Tel: +61 3 9358 6388
    Anadis Limited (ASX: ANX; OTC: ANDIY) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on antigen-primed,
    dairy-derived health products. Anadis’ proprietary, rapid manufacturing technology has enabled it to
    develop a product pipeline of polyclonal antibody-based solutions to a range of important infectious and
    immune-mediated diseases. The all-natural colostrum-derived platform, and its regulatory classification as
    GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) when administered orally, allows for a significantly shorter timeframe
    from bench to market compared with typical biotechnology products. The platform also possesses
    dramatically lower manufacturing costs and higher scalability compared to typical antibody-based
    solutions. Anadis is addressing existing market opportunities sized in excess of US$30 billion. Leveraging
    a technology platform that has been carefully developed over a decade, the company expects to become the
    leading provider of proprietary polyclonal antibody-based solutions worldwide.

    Disclosure: trading in and out of many stocks, too many to update the list at the moment...


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    Anyone still follows GTG? Cash deposit 15M - about 4 cents per share. Share price 10 cents. Anything wrong?


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    Thought it might be a good idea to revive this thread, as an adjunct to the separate postings under the individual headings of ACL, ACR, CXS, BTA, etc. As I have said elsewhere, for those new to this sector a useful starting point is

    One of the ones in which I have recently taken a position is CBB. Check out their story. It moved up a fgurther 11% yesterday, on release of a "good news" story from Singapore. There are virtually no sellers but plenty of would-be buyers for the stock.


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